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This is a site for people looking for answers. Or people who just want to know that they’re not the only one going through this, or anything. Life isn’t hard for our family, life is life. We enjoy our time together, we work hard for what we have and it’s never too little or too much, it just is. We have our moments where we feel we are struggling or Aurora is struggling but it never takes long for us to realize everything will be okay.

Aurora was born with Septo Optic Dysplasia, that comes with a long list of other complications or conditions in Aurora’s case. If you’re here to know more about Aurora’s S.O.D. I suggest starting here.

I’m not exactly the spiritual type, so I’m not going to force a lot of “we’re blessed, thank the Lord” stuff on anyone. My husband and I just live our lives with an insane amount of love for our children and for each other and we believe that’s what matters most.

I don’t have the time I wish I had to pour my heart into this page. It’s more of a -when I get to it, I get to it- sort of thing.

That could mean new posts once a month or new posts once a year. I do my best to keep up with big changes in Aurora’s life so if you found my page looking for information about a child with S.O.D. there are loads of posts on her condition and what she has gone through.

As far as anything else goes

Ketogenic diet was a bust, and while it may be ideal for some, it was not a good path for Aurora. She does have epilepsy but she does not chew solid foods and it was too difficult to manage her diet.

Jax Wolf is Wolf Kid, Aurora’s (Whisper Kid’s) little brother. He has his own section on this page for miscellaneous “Baby #2” posts. He’s a sweetheart and if anyone’s curious about the birth of Jax Wolf, my pregnancy or regular ol’ baby stuff. That’s where you wanna be.

A few things worth mentioning,

I work full time, as does my husband. We don’t send our kids to daycare and on top of that Whisper Kid is now going to school two days a week for four hours a day.

Whisper Kid is 9 years old and Wolf Kid will be a year old in December 2018.

I do all of the work on this page myself and like I mentioned before I have very little time so I apologize if it is less than amazing.

I don’t make money off of this in any way shape or form. I’m not a “blog mom”, I just don’t have the time to be. If I quit work, quit working out, stopped showering and only ate once a week, I may have the time.

My husband and I are very passionate about special education rights. We know the IDEA well and have fought for years for Whisper Kid. Please contact me if you have questions about your child’s IEP. We will do whatever we can to help you.

Thank you for checking out the Whisper Kid site. Please share, like, comment, follow, bookmark, or exit and never think about it again. Whichever you’d like.

SHARING ENCOURAGED! I would love to dedicate a section of this page to featured stories and articles. If you have time to write something you want posted, let me know!

Lots of Love,
Whisper Family <3