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About The Whisper Family

My vision for this page has morphed over time. It started out as a way to relieve stress, I wanted something that helped me vent frustration and guilt…and everything that comes along. It was therapeutic at times, and still is.

However, I realize now that I enjoy writing more than anything else I do. Definitely more than my job, more than my hundreds of hobbies, it’s just my thing. If I could make a living writing, I would do it in a heartbeat. And maybe someday I will take the jump to full time writer.

For now, I am content being full-time Whisper Mom and part-time something else, with a little bit of writing when I find the time.

Whisper Dad is incredibly supportive of everything I do, including countless fad diets, a revolving door of interest changes, knitting for 8 hours straight, basically just…everything.

He’s like a unicorn. A responsible, caring, intuitive man from the Metropolis with the patience of a monk. What is that?! He’s like friggin’ Clark Kent! (Sorry, I’m on a Hulu binge.) There’s also a bit of a language barrier, especially when he says things like “Rigoata” (Ricotta)

And now, because I’ve spent way too long attempting to finish this very simple ABOUT page (like a month too long) , I have decided to just list all of the random nonsense you never wanted to know about us.

Whisperfamily (Whispermom, Wolfkid (Jax), Whisperkid (Aurora), and Whisperdad)
  1. I have the worst writer’s block when writing about myself. Which makes blogging about our life challenging.
  2. I enjoy challenging myself, in pretty much everything I do.
  3. Aurora was a pleasant surprise when I was 18 and I am grateful every day for my strong will that fended off the negativity surrounding my pregnancy.

    Whisper Mom
  4. When it comes to certain things, I struggle with keeping my mouth shut, even though everything and everyone is telling me I should. Harassment and bullying are at the top of the list. Sadly, it’s often (or always) adults I find myself scolding.
  5. My favorite thing in the whole world is FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT! Usually scheduled for Thursday nights but I tend to beg for family movie night all weekend.
  6. Whisper Dad’s favorite thing in the whole world is PIZZA, and falling asleep five minutes after family movie night starts. It’s adorably annoying.

    Whisper Family’s Secret Vacation Spot
  7. Whisper Kid’s favorite thing in the whole world… hmm, I have a few guesses: 1.Watching Curious George with Whisper Dad. 2. Listening to The Piano Guys with Whisper Dad. 3. Milkshakes.
  8. We try to make it out to our Spot every year. Hint-It’s may be on a peninsula.
  9. I come from an almost comically dysfunctional large-ish family, where everyone is like a foot taller than me and everyone has an opinion on everything. I WILL blog my frustrations out often.

    My little Mastermind
  10. Whisper Kid is a genius. I often feel like people are underestimating her. She has a little bit of evil mastermind in her, I love it.
  11. I consider myself a mom of all trades. See following…
  12. I cook, and I’m not totally terrible.
  13. I knit, and I make some badass stuff.
  14. I ride a motorcycle, but only when the weather is perfect for it. (Which is rare in Vermont.)
  15. I workout, like… “Do you even lift, bro?” Yes, and if you call me bro again you will see vivid proof in the form of a knuckle sandwich.
  16. I’m a dork, and say dorky things like “knuckle sandwich”.

  17. I fell in love with Paddle Boarding a few years ago. I’m not yoga level yet, but I’ll get there.
  18. I fix computers… for free most of the time because I can’t bring myself to charge friends and family.
  19. I’m always happily short on money because I care very little about it. Most likely the result of doing my best not to end up like my mother.

    This isn’t even half of us…
  20. Similar note, I’m terrified of being framed for a crime that someone in my family committed. I think that pretty much sums up that dysfunction I was talking about earlier.
  21. I’m also terrified of ending up completely out of my mind, like most of my family.
  22. My family drama is like a horror movie mixed with a stupid comedy like something starring a dopey actor.
  23. Whisper Kid is a drama queen, she doesn’t get that from me… I don’t think… nah.
  24. Whisper Dad is SO patient. 🙂
  25. We just welcomed a new member of the family, Jax Wolf (Wolfkid), December 2017!
Whisper Mom + Whisper Kid

There you go, you’re welcome. I worked really hard on that list…it was exhausting. I think I’m going to go take a nap now.

I love all who read, comment, share. So please, feel free to buy my love. 🙂