We have an Upsee!

20150119_150902 (2)Out with the old and in with the new. We had a horrendous PT leave us and as the new PT came in, so did the Upsee for school. The Upsee helps children with difficulty walking/ standing get a feel for the movement while closely harnessed to someone they trust. It’s really cool actually and a brilliant idea. It’s kind of a cross between a “stander” for children with disabilities and a carrier. I’m sure I’ll be posting many more pictures as Aurora’s program with the Upsee has just started but I was able to snag a few (poor quality) ones with a phone over the weekend. She gets a little frustrated at first as we’re trying to get her all strapped into it but she seems to like it a little once we get stomping around. We can only hope that the more she works with the Upsee the more comfortable she gets with it and with walking in general. WhisperGram (Aurora’s Grandma) is working on a post and I have no idea what it will be about but let’s all hope she finishes soon so we can find out! 🙂 Thanks for reading, sharing, liking and as always, being awesome. ❤

If you’ve had success with the Upsee or know someone who has, please comment with your story, tips, tricks and anything else you feel like sharing. Thank you!

20150119_151605 (3)


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