A Letter To The School…

Please comment after reading, I want to hear what people think about this. Did I go overboard? Do you agree with the school? Do you agree with me?… I want to hear it. READ, COMMENT, RATE, SHARE, BE AWESOME. THANKS LOVE. 🙂 ❤

I had to write a letter to the Superintendent, it was actually more like a plea to discuss and better understand the ridiculous and hasty decision to force Aurora’s Grandmother to no longer be her IA. The school did not warn us, they mentioned nothing about special “practices” ahead of time and they did not train a replacement even though they were made aware that it would take at least one school year to train a replacement on Aurora’s condition, cues, stress management and medical needs.

Not a single person the school has “found” to work on Aurora’s PT, OT or any other service has had any interactions with a blind child with multiple disabilities besides Aurora. I don’t doubt that would be the case for a new IA as well.

This woman (RED in the letter) who wants my family distanced from my child’s education has lied to us on multiple occasions and we have called her out on it. She has hid things from us concerning Aurora’s providers. She has sided with a PT that did nothing but scare Aurora away from standing for some time. She has fought my family every step of the way because she would prefer it if family wasn’t involved in the child’s education.

She has shown fear when we mention how appalled other families would be if they really knew what went on while their children are in school, if those parents saw the regular IAs ignoring their children, or the service providers using dated forms of therapy that force the child to regress.

We may have the option of going to another school after this one has failed us so horrendously but that will only happen AFTER I have made sure that this kind of bullying doesn’t occur with other families who only want what is best for their child with disabilities.

I left out names, it seemed like the right thing to do but this is the letter I sent this morning:

Good morning Mr. YELLOW,

Although I am sure you are most likely aware of the decision that your Special Education Director (RED) has made concerning my daughter Aurora and her IA, I still would like to address this issue with you. The director has decided to proceed next year without a trained and knowledgeable IA to work with my daughter.
Three years ago when Aurora entered the GREEN school system my mother (BLUE) was asked if she knew someone who could work with Aurora because the school wasn’t prepared with a trained staff member.  BLUE took the job with the understanding that the school would work on finding someone who would shadow her through a school year to learn and understand the delicate health issues of Aurora. This has not occurred and without warning Ms. RED has decided to no longer work with the family, instead she chose a fate for my daughter that is only in the best interest of Ms. RED, not Aurora.
There has been no discussion throughout the many meetings we have had this year about the decision of the school not to retain anyone who is a relative to a child in the school system, which Ms. RED has only recently explained to us via e-mail. An e-mail that was easily interpreted to show contempt and deception, similar to most face to face interactions my family has had with her.

Mr. YELLOW, for the past three years no one has discussed the school’s position on a family member working with a child in the school.  We know that a neighbor of ours did work in the school with her child who was in the higher grades so our understanding is that an exception was made or this is a new “practice” the school is enforcing. It doesn’t matter when the decision was made, honestly. We are most concerned that there was no discussion with the family concerning this and we were all blindsided by Ms. RED’s decision last week that came without warning.
We have happily taken your advice in the past when we have sent correspondence to you concerning working this out with the special education department, to address the issues. You made it clear you felt Ms. RED had acted professionally, as I’m sure you still do. That’s just how it works. Much like our last letter to you this issue is concerning the actions of the Special Education Director (RED) making decisions without purpose or meaning.  For Ms. RED to make it so that Aurora loses the only person in the school who understands the delicacy of her situation and understands how to keep her safe shows malice towards a disabled child.  If for no other reason than Ms. RED has stated that she doesn’t want family involved in a child’s education.

A quote from Ms. RED‘s e-mail to us , “it is a matter of practice to not have family members as IA’s when children move into Kindergarten…Kindergarten is a setting where the adults are not family”.  This may be the case with most children who don’t have the disabilities and health issues Aurora has, and the necessity for someone who is with them at all times to understand how to care for them.  If this was the case three years ago, or even last year, the family should have been made aware and able to prepare for this day.

I really don’t want to believe that a school would so blatantly discourage an abundance of interest in the quality of a child’s education. Does that not seem counterproductive to you, sir?

If you feel we may be able to discuss this to come to a mutual agreement please let us know prior to the end of the day, if we don’t hear from you we will understand that to mean you have nothing more to add and the school has taken a stand against my child without cause.

Thank you,



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