35 or 36ish weeks

I wish I was better at this whole “mom blog” scene but the truth is I suck. I have very little motivation to make a profit so instead I just dabble. Which is cool too I guess.

With that said, I’m going to attempt a new approach. This is the first of daily short posts up until the birth of my second child. I say short posts because the reality is, I may only be able to throw out a few sentences most days. Today, I set aside time for this, tomorrow…I’ll be lucky if I find time to shower most likely.


I have an appointment today with my OB, I’m not thrilled about it as I should be. Instead, I’ve been losing my shiz for the last week because that’s what I do…I freak out about nothing. It’s an ultrasound, which they made sound very routine. However, since I don’t remember having one this late with Aurora I immediately turned to my husband the second the doctor left the room and said, “It’s because I’m too fat, she won’t admit it…but I know what’s up.”

Yeah, apparently recent stress has turned me a little paranoid delusional. Or maybe not, maybe it is because I’ve gained too much weight this pregnancy. I was too scared to ask. Instead I just nodded meekly, really need to work on that.

It’s not that I don’t question doctors, I do, quite often actually because of everything my daughter has gone through but when it comes to things that I have developed an irrational complex about (like my weight…thanks to my highly dysfunctional family) I struggle with being the bad-ass I am known to be.

Seriously though, just a couple weeks ago I was about to throw down with a new doctor about the whooping cough immunization because all she could tell me was “I’d recommend it to my grandmother and sisters.” So, obviously I’m like, “Okay, cool…but WHY?!” Skepticism is something I excel at.

So, yeah…fat ultrasound happening today. And thanks to boat loads of crazy making hormones, this mama has had nothing but terrifying nightmares about a T-rex sized alien baby being lifted by a crane out of my belly.

I only gained 45 pounds so far. Yes, ONLY, I say only because no matter what those a-hole doctors want you to believe…it is fairly common these days to gain 40-50 lbs. in a later pregnancy. Sadly, it’s not very healthy, it’s not ideal and I am definitely beating myself up about it but it happens. Life happens, if there is one thing I will always stand by, it is that life most definitely does just freaking happen!

You know what though, you’re all going to have a blast watching how fast I lose this baby weight gain. It will be shocking. I’m serious, because like I said before…I’m a bad-ass.

Stay tuned for more ridiculous ramblings of a pregnant nut job!

Woohoo! ❤



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