According to them…

According to “them” my son is roughly 5.3 lbs at this time.

According to “them” that is fairly “average”.

According to “them” he seems “healthy”.

I’m building a bit of resentment towards my doctors. The way it works is I cycle through like 6 of them for the duration of my pregnancy and then at the end when baby is ready to go, I get a surprise and one pops up to deliver my kid.

That’s fine, I’ve made my peace with the fact that it will most likely be the most annoying one over the bubbly, friendly, could be your best friend one. That’s just my luck.

What is not okay, is inconsistency. Some of them are professional, on top of things, they explain everything perfectly and others (one or two in particular) make me scared that they are doctors.

This one that did my ultrasound yesterday is a perfect example. She likes to say “we” as if her voice is one with the rest of the practice. I don’t think the others would appreciate it. She fumbled the probe about half a dozen times, I thought she was going to break the freaking machine. She poured at least half of the bottle of gel on my belly and even though I have gained a lot of weight this pregnancy…my belly isn’t THAT big. Annnnnd she went on a 10 minute rant about how she saw the northern lights from her parent’s lake house every time they went there during a certain time of the year. I was friendly about it, but I wanted to knock her out.

What’s worse than all of that? She admitted to getting a picture of my son’s arm and labeling it his leg. Then took one of the top of his head and called it a profile, and said “Use your imagination”. Like sure, a tiny bit of his nose is visible, thanks to his father, but that’s just messed up.

Then when asked about his size she says “We think he looks average.” and “We’re pretty sure he’s healthy.”

I don’t know, maybe the rage is taking over later in the game here or maybe they are just terrible.

I’ll keep you updated. ❤

Mama Bear out.

C7 (3)


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