My husband is the best.

He’s sitting next to me on the couch right now but he can’t see what I’m typing so he has no idea what this post is about as I write it.

I know a lot of women think that they have the best husband ever but I’m almost entirely positive that mine really is the best.

Not because he gives me everything I want and doesn’t question me ever…it’s the opposite. He drives me freaking nuts with his questions sometimes. But when I threaten to murder him in a million different creative and disturbing ways, he just laughs at me because he knows I can’t help but love his stupid face even when it’s being extra stupid.

I always hated listening to men bash their wives at work, one of the many downsides of having a job working with only men…they start to think you’re just “one of the guys”. It made me sick to think about how these women had no idea that these guys were saying terrible things about them just to fit in. Luckily, I’ve never even been a little concerned about that with my husband. I know that if we argue or I’m acting super up and down due to hormones, he may joke that he needs to buy me chocolate (because he does) but he would never call me crazy or psycho or any of those terrible things that men label women. I’m okay with him understanding my needs, I’m not okay with him using my struggle to do some misogynistic male bonding, he gets that.

He says some of the silliest, cutest, most adorable stuff ever. He always tries his best to make me happy, even if that means depriving me of deserts while I throw a fit like a toddler because I told him the previous day that I was done with sweets. And then after my fits if I tell him with a totally serious straight face that Mamma Bear is demanding a KitKat, he will go get me a KitKat. He must be in the worst state of confusion all the time…poor guy.

He has flaws obviously, like everyone but they’re nothing compared to my own. His worst trait is his concern for the people he loves. For example, he refuses to even lightly discipline Aurora (like our version of a “time out”) because he says she’s cute enough to get away with anything. Mhm, and that’s exactly what she was hoping to achieve as she screams because you’re opening a box.

How much he loves Aurora is also one of my favorite things about him, he is such a good Daddy, the best even.

He’s my best friend in the whole world and I can’t imagine what I would do without the dude. So, this one is for you love. I love you!

❤ 😀




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