Burning of the Heart

There are plenty of things to love about pregnancy. The cute little kicks and bumps from a baby in your belly. The way people treat you like queen and part the way as you walk through. The back massages and foot rubs and all of that fun stuff. BUT! Then there is the dark side of pregnancy. The side that if I don’t adequately document it…I may completely forget about it again and decide to do this craziness all over again.


1. You feel like a whale. At least I do, and I struggle with it every day. I have always had a little difficulty with being comfortable with my body. It’s a million times harder to think positive when you’re steadily gaining weight and there’s nothing you can do about it. Don’t get me wrong, I love myself very much. I just have what I call “fat face days”, where for some unexplained reason my face (just my face) looks like it gained 50 lbs. overnight and I burst into tears. #blameitonthehormones

2. You can’t breathe. People don’t tell you this and despite the fact I’m 26, have been relatively active my entire life and can (could) jog 3 miles with no problem…walking up a flight of stairs eventually feels like a marathon. I’ve become slower too, I have to get a good 5 minute head start on my husband and Rory in order to make it up the stairs without them laughing it up behind me.

3. Pelvic pain is the devil. One second I’m fine and the next I can’t lift my leg higher than an inch. I feel real pain just attempting to get into bed some days. Forget putting on clothes when the pelvic pain has hit, you can’t bend over because of the belly and you can’t lift your legs because of the pain…oh my god. It’s so pathetic.

4. Hunger is for real, but so is the fact that your stomach is the size of a peanut to match your bladder! You can either drink a ton of water like they tell you to and starve or eat a normal amount of food and drink nothing. I am always hungry and always thirsty and always full. Always! It’s incredibly frustrating when you know you should eat but the crackers and cheese you had 5 hours ago still have you full. Even more frustrating when you wake up at 3am to pee for the 10th time and realize you desperately need water or your throat will close up. I submit! I guess I’ll just be peeing 20 more times before I need to get up for real.

5. I saved the best for last. You will burn. Acid will destroy your insides. It’s not a given, I don’t remember having uncontrollable and disturbingly painful/ disgusting heartburn with my first child. However, after this one…I’m telling you, this alone is enough to make me swear off having another. I can’t explain how terrible it feels without it getting a bit graphic but I can say that it feels like some poured some serious acid down my throat and it’s been on a steady burn through my insides for at least 2 weeks now. The meds don’t work, nothing does. It just burns.

Even though I have this list now, I’m sure I’ll forget all about it when my awesome little dude arrives. That’s just how it goes.

For all of you women out there considering having a baby…don’t say I didn’t warn you.

This isn’t even half of it.

DSCN0315 (2)


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