*Flashback* 4-8 Weeks

“Those Magical Moments”

Of course I use the word “Magical” with heavy sarcasm. Real life is rarely a Pinterest post. Maybe I’m lacking the romantic outlook to carry out an insanely complicated pregnancy reveal rather than telling the father immediately, I don’t know.

Anyway, I didn’t bake a cake with a robotic baby that jumps out and squeals, “You’re going to be a daddy!”.

In fact, I think he knew even before I was fully ready to wrap my mind around the idea.

  1.  Men aren’t stupid (I hope your man isn’t stupid) , if your husband or significant other is paying attention even a little bit, chances are they know when your period is roughly. (If you’re regular.)
  2.  That’s all I’ve got, men aren’t stupid… I’m hoping that carries the post. 🙂

We went out and got beer from our favorite Brewery that night. Me, not even thinking about the fact that I hadn’t dove headfirst into shark week yet. When we got home I thought about it and remembered I had a test hanging around from a 2 pack bought after a false alarm some months prior.

Figured, eh, can’t hurt to be sure. Then when two lines appeared instead of one, I very calmly walked into the bedroom where my husband sat and said, “Huh, would you look at that?” (With a big ridiculous grin on my face)

He responded with, “Yeah, I knew as soon as the bathroom door opened.”

I know! We need to settle the freak down. The excitement is out of control. But that’s just us, we don’t do the cutesy. Real life bruh, that’s what’s up.

The beer still sits patiently in the fridge, I like to think it’s aging. I’m pretty sure it’s just going to be thrown out. He won’t drink my beer, he’s a Stella/Heineken guy. Ew. Annnnd I’ve been adjusting to the idea that baby #2 is on the way, coming around the corner and what not.

It’s scary, despite the fact that it was more or less planned. Despite the fact that I feel more prepared for a child now than I ever could have felt with Aurora. And despite the fact that I know no matter what I will love this child with the intensity of a Mama Lion on fire. I don’t know what that means but just believe me when I say I’ll love all the babes lots and lots. It’s just scary.

Oh, and getting fat….ter. That’ll be a blast.

(If I had only known.) 😀 ❤

Thanks for reading lovies.



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