*Flashback* 8-10 Weeks

Nausea, Heartburn, Indigestion, Snobby Nurses and Harsh Realities

I can’t smell anything. Actually, I should be saying I can smell too much. Honestly, I’ve considered buying a nose plug just to avoid the seemingly endless nausea. The worst part is, it’s just like a constant threat of vomit. There’s no satisfaction from just getting it out, just the worry is always there. Lame.

Also, the oven burnt out. Or exploded or something really terrible. That smell has made the entire house like a giant rotten egg. It may be the hormones talking, I don’t know but I want to curl up in a ball and never stop crying.

Oh, and then there is the sleep issue. My husband is a sweetheart, he really freaking is. I am beyond lucky, despite his love for sarcasm, he’s a doll. He lets me beat him up when I need to release the rage, he lets me kick him off the bed when I don’t have enough room, he puts up with every single up and down no matter what. He’s a Saint.

So, when I call him names that should never be repeated in the middle of the night simply because his breathing has gone from a hiss to a steady but gentle snore, I don’t mean it. I just can’t sleep through anything anymore. Aurora on occasion will wake up in the middle of the night and make squeaky mouse noises, I haven’t the slightest idea why. I always just found it to be quirky and adorable. However, now… sadly it may be my least favorite sound, second only to my husband’s dwarf snore. I’m losing my freaking mind with minimal sleep.

Besides dying from scent sensitivity and sleep deprivation, I also had to endure my first prenatal visit.

I say endure because despite knowing that I’ve become noticeably bitchier over the last few weeks, I still try to hold that shit in. Apparently a certain Nurse Practitioner doesn’t hold herself to the same standard.

The attitude she gave was not appreciated. Maybe she didn’t know she was giving attitude, maybe it was just my interpretation.

The last thing though, this really got to me.

She asked us about doing additional testing. We declined. We had already spoken about it and decided that we were ready for whatever life wants to throw at us next. And with having no history of genetic conditions, it seemed like the right choice to us.

This woman, didn’t seem to agree. After admitting she had no idea what Auroras condition was, she then asked us multiple times if we were sure we didn’t want the testing done.

To clarify, no test could have told us Aurora’s condition, and even if it had. It wouldn’t have changed anything.

End result, I desperately wanted to go to another doctor.

(Unfortunately, that was not in the cards for me.)



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