Due Date

Every day I think (he’s coming today) I don’t know if that’s normal or healthy really but that’s what I have been doing to myself. Obviously he hasn’t come yet. I’m kind of glad that I’ve been wrong for a week straight, because I want him to be as healthy and developed as possible.

And even though my calculations put me at a couple days away from 38 weeks, my doctor is saying I’m exactly 37 at this point. I honestly don’t know whose calculations are more accurate. I do, however, know that the doctor that did the initial calculations is kind of a know it all.

I know a lot of my posts have been talking smack about the practice I’ve decided to go through. So, I’ll make this quick. When I went in for my first appointment, I saw the NP at the practice. She’s about 60+ years old with white and purple shoulder length hair. Years ago when I had my daughter I remembered kind of liking her so I didn’t expect to have any issues with her this time around.

I was VERY wrong. Apparently 8 years is plenty of time for someone to go from pleasant and informative to obnoxiously bitter, backhanded and pompous. She first felt it necessary to comment that this time was with a different father…while my husband sits in the room holding OUR daughter. “Yes, bio dad is different this time.” But you don’t know the family dynamic in every case, my husband is Aurora’s father, mentioning something like that seems rude to me.

Then this woman brings up the fact that I was young when I gave birth to Aurora, and asks if I think I’ve matured since then. – Well, my mental maturity really isn’t any of your business since you happen to just be my vagina doctor and not my psychologist!- I didn’t say that, no… Instead I laughed and said, “In 8 years? I certainly hope at least a little.” She didn’t laugh. She meant to be insulting.

Honestly, in my opinion… I was most likely more mature and prepared to raise a child at 18 than this woman is at 60. It just got worse from there. She refused to believe I had the correct dates for the end of my period and date of conception. (There’s an app for that now people) I was using “Flo” at the time. This baby was planned, so I was prepared with answers to all of her questions. Unfortunately, she didn’t like my answers so she made up her own.

Hence the original due date of December 13th…which was later changed to a due date of December 9th. Well, that’s fine because that means they’re less likely to push me towards a cesarean too soon. I’m still calculating a due date of December 6th. Well, whenever he comes… I can’t wait to meet him. Whether it’s naturally two weeks early or surgically, three weeks late.

I’m getting really excited!

Whisper Kid’s tiny hand at 2 days old.



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