Aurora’s Voice

I often imagine what Aurora would say if she could talk. The stories she would tell me, the emotions she would express. I worry that we don’t even understand her a little. That everything we think we know is wrong. This poor girl is trapped in her mind with a million thoughts and feelings and … More Aurora’s Voice


…We said no fighting this time. No arguments, no stress, no giving them all of the answers, no doing their job for them, and no unnecessary BS. That was the plan… … More BACK TO SCHOOL

How I did NOT lose the weight in 6 weeks…

First, a confession… This may come as a shock to you but I’m a Pinterest addict. I know, super ridiculous, despite the fact that almost every mom I’ve ever met is addicted to Pinterest. 😁 Well, with my addiction, comes some frustration. There are two things I absolutely HATE seeing on Pinterest: Miraculous looking desserts … More How I did NOT lose the weight in 6 weeks…

Due Date

Every day I think (he’s coming today) I don’t know if that’s normal or healthy really but that’s what I have been doing to myself. Obviously he hasn’t come yet. I’m kind of glad that I’ve been wrong for a week straight, because I want him to be as healthy and developed as possible. And … More Due Date

*Flashback* 8-10 Weeks

Nausea, Heartburn, Indigestion, Snobby Nurses and Harsh Realities I can’t smell anything. Actually, I should be saying I can smell too much. Honestly, I’ve considered buying a nose plug just to avoid the seemingly endless nausea. The worst part is, it’s just like a constant threat of vomit. There’s no satisfaction from just getting it … More *Flashback* 8-10 Weeks

*Flashback* 4-8 Weeks

“Those Magical Moments” Of course I use the word “Magical” with heavy sarcasm. Real life is rarely a Pinterest post. Maybe I’m lacking the romantic outlook to carry out an insanely complicated pregnancy reveal rather than telling the father immediately, I don’t know. Anyway, I didn’t bake a cake with a robotic baby that jumps … More *Flashback* 4-8 Weeks

Moving A Little

I love feeling my little dude kick and wiggle in my belly. I don’t remember Aurora being as active as her little brother has been and it’s nice to get to experience an active baby. It’s a little scary sometimes too, like when I’m in the middle of training and it feels like he’s trying … More Moving A Little

Working Mama

Today was my first day at a new job. A job where I will be working with my husband (Yay!) and he is also new. It’s so weird, we were both offered this opportunity at the same time, it came with horrendous timing…for obvious reasons but also for not so obvious reasons. First of all, … More Working Mama