Baby #2 Journal

How I did NOT lose the weight in 6 weeks… (Post #13)

“Listen, I get it. I’m in it. I didn’t go into this thinking I was going to “get my body back” in six weeks. Please women, please do not be discouraged if you are just struggling to stay awake while feeding baby and can not even fathom a workout routine. Just snuggle your baby, snag a nap when you can, have a freaking cupcake! You deserve it! You made a baby!” -From Post #13

Whispermom and nephew Bogie

You’re not doing it wrong. (Post #12)

“Then add raising the future to that list and all of a sudden there’s a law book full of new shit to be told how to do.

Don’t feed them that, feed them this. Don’t tell them that, tell them this. Don’t dress them like that, dress them like this.”  -From Post #12

Baby Jax and Wolfdad

The BIRTH of JAX WOLF (Post #11)

“I mentioned the possibility of what we were calling “go time” and my husband’s exact words were “are you sure?”

No, I wasn’t sure because no matter how much research I did on the subject, every answer I found was different or easily misinterpreted. Some women said it felt like lower back pain, some said they felt a tightening in their entire abdomen.” -From Post #11

Jax Wolf (Wolfkid)

Due Date (Post #10)

“Hence the original due date of December 13th…which was later changed to a due date of December 9th. Well, that’s fine because that means they’re less likely to push me towards a cesarean too soon.” -From Post #10

Whisper Kid’s tiny hand at 2 days old.

*Flashback* 8-10 Weeks (Post #9)

“Besides dying from scent sensitivity and sleep deprivation, I also had to endure my first prenatal visit.” -From Post #9


*Flashback* 4-8 Weeks (Post #8)

“In fact, I think he knew even before I was fully ready to wrap my mind around the idea.

  1.  Men aren’t stupid (I hope your man isn’t stupid) , if your husband or significant other is paying attention even a little bit, chances are they know when your period is roughly. (If you’re regular.)
  2.  That’s all I’ve got, men aren’t stupid… I’m hoping that carries the post. 🙂” -From Post #8


Moving A Little (Post #7)

“Even moving a little feels like dying a lot. I am SO pregnant and I know this for a fact because my loving and adorable husband often says, “Woah, you’re pregnant!” as if he’s just realizing it.” -From Post #7

M15 (2)

Working Mama (Post #6)

“We accepted the job immediately, there wasn’t any way we could justify turning it down. However, the house no longer fit into the plan. The problem was that this perfect house was now 2 hours (one way) away from our new place of work.” -From Post #6

Whisper Parents After Day 1 at New Job

Whisper Kid, The BIG Sister (Post #5)

“…I can tell, she is excited to meet her little brother. She loves hearing his heartbeat at all of my appointments, she gets so pumped up with a big smile on her face.” -From Post #5

Whisper Kid with Dolly

Burning Of The Heart (Post #4)

“Even though I have this list now, I’m sure I’ll forget all about it when my awesome little dude arrives. That’s just how it goes. For all of you women out there considering having a baby…don’t say I didn’t warn you.” -From Post #4

DSCN0315 (2)

My Husband Is The Best (Post #3)

“But when I threaten to murder him in a million different creative and disturbing ways, he just laughs at me because he knows I can’t help but love his stupid face even when it’s being extra stupid.” -From Post #3

Whisper Dad and Whisper Mom

According To Them…(Post #2)

“I’m building a bit of resentment towards my doctors. The way it works is I cycle through like 6 of them for the duration of my pregnancy and then at the end when baby is ready to go, I get a surprise and one pops up to deliver my kid.” -From Post #2

C7 (3)

35-36ish Weeks (Post #1)

“Seriously though, just a couple weeks ago I was about to throw down with a new doctor about the whooping cough immunization because all she could tell me was “I’d recommend it to my grandmother and sisters.” So, obviously I’m like, “Okay, cool…but WHY?!” Skepticism is something I excel at.” -From Post #1

Me Pre-Pregnancy #2