Whisper Kid’s Stories, Tips, Tricks and Stuff

Whisper Kid is my daughter, my amazing, ridiculously adorable, daughter. She is 9 years old now and has had a bit of a roller coaster ride of a life. Still, she continues to be such an amazing light in the life of anyone who spends a little time with her.

Check out the posts below to learn about SOD, IEPs and Whisper Kid’s crazy beautiful life.

In order from newest to oldest:

Post #12: Aurora’s Voice 10/23/2018

“…I worry that we don’t even understand her a little. That everything we think we know is wrong. This poor girl is trapped in her mind with a million thoughts and feelings and triggers…”


Post #11: Back To School 10/02/2018

“…We’ve seen the neglect of the special education system in this state first hand, it just wasn’t going to work that way. However, we said no fighting this time. No arguments, no stress, no giving them all of the answers, no doing their job for them, and no unnecessary BS. That was the plan…”


Post #10: 5 Things To Think About (IEP) 03/13/2017

“…You can choose when you would like your child’s IEP to be changed. As long as you have a good reason for the IEP to be revised it could happen as soon as a month after the first was put into place…”


Post #9: Update 01/30/2016

“…I have been working on a million different things. I’m starting a book (that I may or may not actually finish), I have another page in the works, we are still fighting the school…”


Post #8: A Letter to the School 05/12/2015

“…Not a single person the school has “found” to work on Aurora’s PT, OT or any other service has had any interactions with a blind child with multiple disabilities besides Aurora. I don’t doubt that would be the case for a new IA as well…”

Aviary Photo_130554418601125139 (2)

Post #7: 5 year old handcuffed… 05/07/2015

“…The first point I would like to make is that this school obviously handled this in the worst way possible…”


Post #6: Blind Child 04/09/2015

“…I want to know exactly what it is we can be doing for Aurora to improve her Independence and help her progress with movement and travel. It’s kind of a big deal to me. Actually, it’s one of the millions of things I worry about every day. It’s hard not knowing if/when your child will walk on their own and explore on their own…”


Post #5: Baby Steps 01/25/2015

“…Gradually we have started to pull away from the idea that she needs to be happy all the time. It’s good to make things fun for her and it’s great if eventually she enjoys it but a lot of what she needs to do for independence does not make her happy…”


Post #4: We have an Upsee! 01/25/2015

“…It’s really cool actually and a brilliant idea. It’s kind of a cross between a “stander” for children with disabilities and a carrier…”


Post #3: So yeah, I’m not normal… 01/01/2015

“…A friend pointed out that I don’t think like a “normal” parent. The point was that I don’t get offended when someone makes a joke. I actually enjoy it and have my own jokes to add. People have become too sensitive…”


Post #2: Aurora’s IEP 12/28/2014

“…I’m not in any way saying that every IEP is going to be difficult but in my experience they are beyond difficult. I know that the majority of care providers enjoy what they do, enjoy helping children succeed and don’t have a single selfish bone in their body, BUT…”

Screenshot (8)

Post #1: Aurora’s SOD (My first EVER blog post) 12/11/2011

“…About 8 hours after Aurora was born she stopped breathing, nurses took her from my arms and rushed her out of the room. We spent weeks in the hospital, no one ever actually came out and said “We don’t know why she is sick.” But it was obvious they were struggling to come up with answers…”

CAM00410 (2)



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