Whisper Kid’s Stories, Tips, Tricks and Stuff

Whisper Kid is my daughter, my amazing, ridiculously adorable, daughter. She is 8 years old now and has had a bit of a roller coaster ride of a life. Still, she continues to be such an amazing light in the life of anyone who spends a little time with her.

Whisper Kid was born with SOD, which started me off on the path to becoming some sort of walking WebMD, amongst MANY other things. You would not believe how complicated this little girl’s condition is, or maybe you would, because that’s why you’re here…

Whatever your reasons may be, if you’re interested in knowing more about Whisper Kid (Aurora), SOD, diabetes insipidus, school for a blind child, or anything else Whisper Kid involved…check out the post links below!

1.Aurora’s SOD

General information on Aurora’s condition, discovery, early progression, staying positive and staying healthy.

2.Aurora’s IEP

Our struggle with public schools.

3.So yeah, I’m not normal…

Being mommy to a beautiful little girl, diagnosed with a rare disorder.

4.We have an Upsee!

Walking, standing, rocking out!

5.Baby Steps

6.Blind Child

7.5 Year Old Handcuffed At School…

My feelings on local news.

8.A Letter To The School…

More of the public school struggle…subscribe for upcoming news on HOMESCHOOL!


Blogger-moms need breaks too…

10.UnBEARable IEP: 5 Things To Think About

Tips, so you can walk out of an IEP meeting feeling like A BOSS! 😀


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